Unobstructed Urine Bag


  • Type A: 500ml-3000ml

Application: For storage of urine, body fluid in surgical operation.

Packaging: 600pcs/Carton

  • Type B: Luxury Type 2000ml

Application: For human waste collection, can be used in the ICU clinical ward, 

Department of general surgery, Department of Urology, Department of surgical operation etc.

Packaging: ----

  • Type C: UrineMeter Bag 3000ml

Application: The need for strict records and accurate measurement of fluid output of patients.

Packaging: 20pcs/Carton


1. Our urine bag has anti-reflux device which can prevent urine from running back effectively.

2. Within the anti-reflux device, built-in bacterial membrane is included to prevent bacterial infection.

3. The tube is thick,solid and has the right softness。

4. Can be made according to customers’ requirements.